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These are Clan FireStorm's allies. If you would like to be one of our allies please contact me on AIM as The Reaper FS or on MSN as The Reaper. You can alos e-mail me at

  • IceStorm

This is clan FireStorm. We will play mostly "Ghost Recon" and "Unreal Championship". We will also play "The Next Halo" when it comes out but we got a while til then. We will be the Ultimate clan. We will surviv everything. We win as a team! Only an Elite few are chosen to be in this clan. If you are one of these few, you are lucky. Not just anyone can join. You have to be awesome at FPS games. You will take orders from your leaders. If we are playing a game such as "Unreal Championship", you may be assigned to small platoons. The person with the highest rank will command that platoon, but otherwise, you take orders from me and The Slayer, unless we tell you otherwise. You are expected to follow oreders.

We have a ranking system. You must gain 9 points to get promoted to the next rank. You can recieve points by attending clan meeting on Mondays and Friday nights at 6:00 p.m. You can also gain points by giving out good ideas that willl help the clan. And most IMPORTANT, you will recieve points on how well you play in XBOX LIVE. All ranks except Colonel, Lieutenant-Colonel, and Major can be filled by any member and no limit per members on that rank. RIGHT NOW WE ARE LOOKING FOR SOME PEOPLE THAT ARE GOOD WITH AUTOMATICS, AND THAT CAN DO BASE ASSULTS TO LIKE, CAPTURE THE FLAG.
For more info on the members and their squads, go to the "Member Skills" page or the "Ranks" section of the site.

Up-Coming Games

  • Ghost Recon
  • Unreal Championship
  • MechAssault



All members, please check the news section often

If You need to contact me or if you are interested in joining the clan, then Instant Message me or The Slayer on AIM at
The ReaperFS  (thats me)
okc5p halo (thats slayer)
or, if I'm not on, then e-mail me at: